Variable Details: FndsAndOthrAccntsHldCnt

DB Table: skedd_part_i

DB Name: FndsAndOthrAccntsHldCnt

Line number: Part I Line 1 Column (b)

Description: Enter the total number of separate accounts for participating donors where donors have the right to provide advice on the use or distribution of funds owned at the end of the tax year

IRS Type: IntegerNNType

Repeating: False

Xpath details

Xpath: /IRS990ScheduleD/FundsAndOtherAccountsHeldCnt

Versions: 2013v3.0;2013v3.1;2013v4.0;2014v5.0;2014v6.0;2015v2.0;2015v2.1;2015v3.0;2016v3.0